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London Film Festival 2014: Who'll join Benedict Cumberbatch on the red carpet?


Tuesday, September 14 

Harry Potter producer David Heyman and director James Kent bring Vera Brittain’s memoir Testament of Youth to the big screen and they’ve got their impressive ensemble cast together for the Odeon Leicester Square. Kit HaringtonDominic WestEmily Watson and Merlin's Colin Morgan will be out in force to greet fans.

MERLIN The Complete Series Box Set | SEAT42F


In addition to the collectible magnet set, the collection includes an exclusive bonus disc featuring:

       New commentary on two Season Five episodes

       Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012 Panel footage featuring the cast of Merlin

       “The Real Arthur and Merlin” – Stars Colin Morgan and Bradley James travel across Wales, exploring sites from the legend of Merlin

(Source: seat42f)


Sometimes, especially as the years tick by with no sign of Arthur’s return, Merlin takes a boat out onto the lake. He waits until he reaches the middle before he dips a hand below the calm surface. Instantly the water rushes up to meet him, and his shirt sleeve is soaking wet in a matter of minutes.

But he doesn’t care. He lowers his arm more and more, until it’s nearly up to his shoulder. Until his fingers start to go numb from the biting cold. Until it’s as far in as he can go without toppling entirely out of the boat.

(He knows that last one from past experience.)

And then he prays that maybe—just maybe—this will be the day that Arthur will be reaching for him too.

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