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No time to worry about brushstroke accuracy when the colors so hard to control! I just hope not too out of control… I hope you like it, bb. <3

Let me tell you about Dragonchild!Merlin. Having powerful wings and beautiful scales, his kind has been hunted to extinction by bounty hunters and magic-haters alike. He lives high up in the mountains and together with his dragons watches over the creatures of the realm. While on a quest Prince Arthur somehow wanders into Merlin’s dwelling despite the magical wards he has all over the place. 

There’s also a sadder version wherein Uther finds what he thinks is a dragon egg but that hatches a magical child instead. When he is old enough to walk, kid!Merlin is held in the stone caves under the castle (with Kil?). One day kid!Arthur wanders into his dark little world and they become sort-of friends, and years and years later maybe there’s a war — and what could possibly be Merlin’s only chance at freedom.

Headcanons inspired by Maleficent and In the Flesh (the irises!). Sorry that was a bit long. Also if these fics already exist please do point me in their direction, thanks! xD


Interview: Producers Dominic Wright & Jacqueline Kerrin Making Ripples | The Irish Film & Television Network

13 Oct 2011 : By Mandy Egarty   (excerpt: about Colin Morgan

"With the talent pool of younger Irish actors being more heavily populated, the process of casting Cathal was less straightforward. “It was tough. A lot of them actually gave us tingles!” Jacqueline explains that with Colin Morgan, there was an ‘ah-ha’ moment. Although not being present for the initial audition, she received a phone call from Dominic and director Darragh: “I got an excited phone call from them saying, you have to see this! When I saw the tape, I knew it was him. He nailed it.”

Dominic witnessed the Morgan audition first-hand and was immediately impressed: “He played it initially in his own accent from Armagh and then he played it in a Dublin accent. And if you’ve seen Merlin, he does an impeccable English accent. It was phenomenal.” via iftn



Every time I see Merlin standing aside in the throne room, away from the Round Table while all the knights and Gwen sit, my blood starts to boil, because what happened to Arthur’s big speech about equality?

Merlin was one of the people who sat at the original Round Table when Arthur first found it, and yet he doesn’t get to sit with everyone in meetings while knights I don’t even recognise get to discuss battle plans with the king, no problem.

I just need someone to draw me a fan art or something where Merlin is actually sitting at the Round Table, preferably on Arthur’s right. Or at least for everyone to acknowledge what a total travesty this is.

This has always made me so angry, and to top it off, at the original round table Arthur specifically requested Merlin sit as his right hand. Still so bitter over this too, OP.

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