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    Not gonna squeeze your nuts any more

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    Mojo the play

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    Ben Whishaw & Colin Morgan


"You said that?"
"I’ve just had enough Baby. I want us to get along."
"Skinny, I’m sorry. I’m not gonna squeeze your nuts any more."
"It’s just it really hurts. I might want to have kids one day."
"I’m sorry."

From the matinee performance of Mojo on February 8th, 2014 

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#my heart is shattering because of this photoset #I have to applaud colin for his acting because he has these expressions for merlin that utterly tear me apart #and they seem so insignificant #but merlin’s spent his entire life being more powerful than everyone else he knows #and yet he gets clothes thrown in his face every day #he could fucking obliterate those clothes #but he doesn’t because he’s good and loyal and faithful and courageous #courageous enough to let people think he’s little more than a servant #and that’s so brave #because as humans we want to say HEY I’M GOOD AT THIS SHIT and when people wrong us we want to stand up to them #and /prove/ that we’re stronger #and it takes so much inner strength to suppress that for the sake of others #and he does #and he never snaps (hell knows I would’ve eventually) and he never fully gives in no matter how tempting it becomes #because he’s strong #stronger than arthur will ever know#but despite it all when no ones looking #he’ll always give these raw expressions#his little moments of indulgence into that weaker part of him #that just cannot stand the life he adheres to #the cards he willingly deals himself day in and day out #for arthur’s sake #and colin is absolutely brilliant for putting merlin’s tiny moments of vulnerability on display #and every time I see them #my heart aches because no one will ever know just how beautiful merlin is #not even the person he cares for the most in the entire world 

(Source: failwolves)

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